Harness the Power of AI: Practical Uses for Accountants

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On this bonus episode Blake explores how artificial intelligence will transform the accounting profession. You'll learn how leading AI tools and chatbots can help automate routine tasks, freeing you up to focus on more strategic, higher-value services. He'll also walk through real-world examples of using AI for document analysis, tax research, correspondence, transcript review, drafting/editing, and more. Whether you're a sole practitioner or work in a large firm, this episode will equip you with actionable tactics to drive efficiency with existing clients and expand your advisory services. Don't let AI disrupt accounting without you!

  • (00:00) - Introduction and Overview of AI Chatbots
  • (01:11) - Potential of AI in Automating Accounting
  • (02:43) - How AI Can Improve Communication in Accounting
  • (03:19) - Current Usage of AI in Accounting
  • (04:17) - Exploring Leading AI Chatbots
  • (04:32) - Introduction to ChatGPT
  • (06:22) - Introduction to Claude by Anthropic
  • (07:03) - Introduction to BARD and Grammarly
  • (08:19) - Using Bing Chat for Web Search
  • (16:42) - Document Analysis with Claude
  • (23:48) - Explaining Accounting Concepts with AI
  • (31:12) - Exploring ChatGPT's Web Search Feature
  • (31:41) - Answering Audience Questions: Data Protection in Microsoft Copilot
  • (33:27) - Demonstrating ChatGPT's Response Generation
  • (36:08) - Using AI for Client Questions and Voicemail Transcripts
  • (41:36) - Drafting Policies and Procedures with AI
  • (41:45) - Responding to IRS Notices with AI
  • (46:48) - Summarizing Meeting Transcripts with AI
  • (54:21) - Q&A and Closing Remarks
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Harness the Power of AI: Practical Uses for Accountants
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