The Chick-fil-A of payroll providers with Tim Petrey of HD Davis CPAs

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Tim Petrey shares his journey from starting as a receptionist to becoming a partner in his CPA firm and founder of a payroll service. He discusses how his firm, HD Davis CPAs, evolved from a tax business to a full-service advisory firm and how they acquired small practices to grow. Tim also emphasizes the importance of adopting technology to streamline processes. Tune in to hear more about Tim's journey and the lessons he learned along the way.

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  • (00:00) - Preview: We want to be the Chick-fil-A of payroll providers
  • (01:07) - Welcome and Tim's introduction
  • (06:26) - What was your job when the 2008 financial crisis hit?
  • (11:18) - What did things look like from a tech perspective when you started and what did you do to change it?
  • (19:22) - Tim's thoughts on time sheets
  • (30:57) - How do you price CFO or advisory services?
  • (45:51) - Some of Tim's accolades
  • (46:40) - How to create a better workplace
  • (51:44) - How to connect with Tim
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Tim Petrey
Tim Petrey
I pride myself on being a problem solver and a progressive leader of our companies. I would describe myself as someone that prioritizes empathy, tenacity and a high level of attention to the service that our businesses provide. I've been blessed to find myself in a career that I love and that I'm truly passionate about. I truly enjoy helping my clients and team become more successful. Making a positive impact on how those around me live their lives is an insanely rewarding career.
The Chick-fil-A of payroll providers with Tim Petrey of HD Davis CPAs
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