A tale of two mergers with Kenji Kuramoto and Matthew May of Acuity

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In today's episode, we've got a very spirited crossover/collab with Kenji and Matthew of "Drink While You Think," a weekly mashup of alcohol and accounting on the Acuity YouTube Channel. Kenji Kuramoto, the CEO and Founder of Acuity, and Matthew May, Acuity's VP of Sales and Marketing, share their favorite beers of the week, along with an insightful tale of two very different accounting firm mergers that taught them some very useful lessons. While we enjoy our assorted beverages, Kenji, and Matthew share what went wrong, what went right, where they are now, and where they see Acuity going in the future.
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A tale of two mergers with Kenji Kuramoto and Matthew May of Acuity
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