Keep Calm & Automate Your Client Onboarding

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New client onboarding is one of the most challenging and painful aspects of running an accounting firm. But it’s also a significant opportunity to set yourself up for success. It sets the tone for the entire relationship. Grab a coffee and join us to learn how to automate your client onboarding process to save time and create happier clients. We’re not looking to add new apps to your tech stack. You’ll learn to streamline your existing processes using the latest no-code technology.
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Korey Cournoyer
Korey Cournoyer
While an avid learner, skier, and mentor, I also serve as Director of Corporate Development at GrowthLab Financial. My life-long goal is to continuously find the intercept between technological innovation and regulation. From working on side projects to better leverage the rise of new technology, to sitting with local business owners to understand the impact of regulation of startups and innovation, my approach always stays the same. People come first. I thrive in a world of the unknown, where problems don’t always come with a clear solution. Providing the creative energy in line with realistic problem solving, I aim for continuous collaboration and deliberate execution.
Keep Calm & Automate Your Client Onboarding
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