Why diverse accountants quit the profession according to the Illinois CPA Society

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Half of accountants believe that diversity is important. Half do not. Meanwhile, efforts to increase diversity in accounting firms have had disappointing results. Todd Shapiro and Kari Natale of the Illinois CPA Society join to discuss why and what the profession should do about it.

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  • (00:00) - Preview: Coninue to talk about the diversity issues
  • (00:51) - How to earn FREE CPE
  • (01:13) - Overview of the diversity problem in the CPA profession
  • (04:31) - Tell us about your internship program
  • (09:59) - Why are accountants leaving the profession?
  • (14:14) - Things firms can do to help these employees be better preprared
  • (24:25) - Launching 2.0 version to ensure success once they are at a job
  • (27:59) - 36% of accounting profession doesn't think DEI is important
  • (31:55) - Organizations make better decisions when employees are diverse
  • (40:58) - What can universities and schools do to prepare accounting majors better?
  • (42:31) - What is it that alumni felt like they were unprepared to do?
  • (44:55) - Should schools be teaching more soft skills
  • (51:04) - Wrap up and where to reach Todd and Kari
Show Notes

Accountants and DEI: By the numbers | Accounting Today

Read "A CPA Diversity Report: Uncovering the Barriers to Success"

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Todd Shapiro

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Kari Natale
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Creators and Guests

Kari Natale
Kari Natale
Senior Director, Planning & Governance, Illinois CPA Society / Senior Director, CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois
Todd Shapiro
Todd Shapiro
President & CEO at Illinois CPA Society
Why diverse accountants quit the profession according to the Illinois CPA Society
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