6,000 clients and $7 million gross revenue in 12 years with Ben Sutton of Mazuma

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Blake Oliver is joined by Ben Sutton, the founder of Mazuma. Mazuma offers core monthly bookkeeping services, reconciliations, basic financials, and tax returns for a flat fee of $180 per month. Ben believes small businesses need services traditional accounting firms don't provide, and he wanted to give them the support they need. He found it possible to offer bookkeeping services at a low cost, as long as the scope of services and what clients can and cannot do is carefully limited.

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  • (00:00) - Episode 40
  • (01:30) - Background on Ben Sutton
  • (11:26) - What deliverables do you send your clients each month or quarter?
  • (16:34) - Do you have a niche that you specialize in?
  • (22:14) - Where are your employees located?
  • (27:14) - What is your typical technology stack for clients?
  • (40:21) - What tax software do you use?
  • (49:50) - How many clients do you have per bookkeeper?
  • (52:45) - How are continuing to grow your business?
  • (55:24) - BONUS: Opinions on CPE
  • (58:43) - How to connect with Ben

Show Notes
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benleesutton/

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Website: http://mazumausa.com

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Creators and Guests

Ben Sutton
Ben Sutton
I am an entrepreneurial CPA. Those two personality types often do not mix... I have found that risk and adventure makes life worth living while taking calculated and researched risks enables life to continue. My excitement for and interest in small business has created a strong desire within me to support and promote small business owner success across the country. My career has been concentrated on utilizing my accounting and IT education and experience to create value driven tools for small business owners.
6,000 clients and $7 million gross revenue in 12 years with Ben Sutton of Mazuma
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