To be, or not to be a CPA firm with Chase Birky of Dark Horse CPAs

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We’re talking to Chase Birky, CEO and co-founder of Dark Horse CPAs, a non-traditional CPA firm. Learn the advantages and challenges of being a CPA firm, the importance of creating a positive work environment for staff, and the need for the accounting profession to attract and retain more young talent. Tune in to hear insights into alternative paths for CPAs and how the industry can work towards creating a more sustainable and fulfilling workplace culture.

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  • (00:00) - EAP 42
  • (01:10) - Welcome Chase to the podcast
  • (02:47) - Unpacking the "Anti-CPA Firm" concept
  • (07:13) - What is different about Dark Horse versus the traditional partnership model?
  • (10:27) - Office Space should be mandatory viewing and work/life balance
  • (19:39) - Are there any issues running a CPA firm the way you do?
  • (25:14) - Does you firm do audits?
  • (26:03) - Why did you decide to make your firm a CPA firm?
  • (28:19) - What things have you had to go through as a CPA firm? Peer review?
  • (33:42) - CPA firms can't give equity to non CPAs
  • (40:01) - If you were the president of the AICPA what would you be saying to firms?
  • (44:08) - Blakes reads posts on r/accounting about the industry
  • (53:39) - Wrap up and how to reach Chase and earn free CPE
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To be, or not to be a CPA firm with Chase Birky of Dark Horse CPAs
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