Pro Wrestling, Anime, and Financial Modeling with Ariel Menche

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Ariel Menche recounts his FP&A journey - from his tenure with KPMG and the WWE, to FP&A consulting to startups. His strategic financial advisory story highlights valuable FP&A lessons, including insights about data's impact on a CFO's role and establishing best practices for financial model development.

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  • (00:00) - Strategic finance
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  • (01:07) - Welcome Ariel to the show
  • (03:13) - How Ariel got into FP&A pro wrestling
  • (09:15) - What did the financial models for the WWE look like?
  • (13:20) - Tell me more about these sheets you created to keep track of accrued expenses
  • (17:54) - What gave you the idea to do this?
  • (19:51) - What did you do with your extra time?
  • (20:50) - What were the most memorable KPIs at WWE?
  • (24:35) - What's the difference between working for the WWE and now running FP&A for startups
  • (34:17) - How did you learn how to build financial models? Do you have advice on how to start?
  • (46:34) - What is your favorite type of business to model?
  • (48:37) - Ariel shares an example where a formula works out that he wasn't sure about
  • (51:45) - Do you have any advise for people who want to do what you do?
  • (56:19) - Wrap up and where to reach Ariel
  • (58:07) - Remember to go earn FREE CPE

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Ariel Menche
Ariel Menche
Experienced strategy and finance professional, with a demonstrated history working in SaaS, Entertainment/TMT, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, and Consumer/Retail industries. Skilled in building robust and dynamic financial models, forecasting & budgeting, performing M&A due diligences, and developing pricing/market entry strategies. Formerly an FP&A Manager at WWE and Strategy Consultant at KPMG, Ariel approaches finance as a partnership with business operators, balancing line-by-line analyses with big picture, strategic thinking. Growing up in Brooklyn, Ariel was involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors, and he worked on two startups during University. He graduated Cum Laude from NYU Stern School of Business with a B.S. in Business and Art History and an M.S. in Accounting. At NYU, Ariel participated in the selective University Leadership Honors Course. Ariel is a licensed CPA in New York State.
Pro Wrestling, Anime, and Financial Modeling with Ariel Menche
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