An Alternative To Advisory: Collaborative Accounting

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Blake is joined by Twyla Verhelst, Head of Accountant Channel at FreshBooks, to discuss a groundbreaking concept in advisory known as "Collaborative Accounting." This innovative approach aims to enhance collaboration between accountants and clients by providing a platform for efficient financial management. They delve into various aspects of this new approach, including FreshBooks' certification program, dedicated support for accounting partners, and a community for accountants to exchange best practices and insights. Prepare to be inspired by the transformative power of Collaborative Accounting!

To learn more about Collaborative Accounting and join the FreshBooks partner program, visit

  • (00:19) - Earn Free CPE
  • (01:02) - Welcome Twyla Verhelst to the show
  • (08:02) - How do you make advisory services efficient?
  • (11:54) - What is "collaborative accounting"?
  • (14:10) - Who are we collaborating with?
  • (19:28) - Can you give us an example of this?
  • (24:13) - How do we make the time for this when we're so busy helping with clients with other problems?
  • (35:54) - Why clients are seeking financial advice elsewhere
  • (39:36) - What is FreshBooks doing to help make collaborative advisory possible?
  • (45:08) - FreshBooks has top-notch support
  • (46:01) - Community partnership is a huge part of this
  • (47:10) - Wrap up and where to learn more about FreshBooks
  • (50:32) - Remember to Earn Free CPE by listening to this Episode

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Creators and Guests

Twyla Verhelst, CPA
Twyla Verhelst, CPA
✨Head of the Accountant Channel @freshbooksaccts ✨Creator of the #vpdexperiment ✨YT Channel
An Alternative To Advisory: Collaborative Accounting
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