From Auditor to Google: How Mike Manalac Landed His Dream Job in Accounting

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Mike Manalac, AKA "Mike from Accounting," joins the show to share his inspiring career journey and unconventional path from public accounting to a dream role at Google. Despite accounting stereotypes, Mike crafted his adventurous route to his ideal job. He opens up about hustling into big tech, regrouping after rejection, taking calculated risks, and breaking out of the "lazy river" career approach. Mike dishes creative tips for personal branding, nailing interviews, and landing your dream accounting job. His story proves that with grit and imagination, accountants can forge exciting careers beyond the stereotypes.

  • (01:07) - Mike Manalac joins the show
  • (05:00) - Can can AI help with rev rec in the future?
  • (07:02) - Are you allowed to use Excel at Google?
  • (09:00) - Mike started out in public accounting as an auditor
  • (14:44) - How do we help accountants be happier in their jobs?
  • (18:29) - How did you transition from public accounting to private industry?
  • (24:21) - Starting from scratch in San Francisco
  • (29:48) - How many interviews did it take?
  • (37:32) - How to get through the phone screen
  • (43:19) - Tips for in-person interviews
  • (51:25) - Why Mike wrote "No Flux Given"
  • (56:34) - How to reach Mike and get his book

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Mike Manalac
Mike Manalac
I’m a CPA and a visual thinker. More than anything, I’m just an ordinary accountant that likes to do extraordinary things.
From Auditor to Google: How Mike Manalac Landed His Dream Job in Accounting
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