Accounting Firm Marketing In The Era of Generative AI

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David Toth of Winding River Consulting joins Blake to examine how digital marketing and AI are disrupting accounting firm marketing. They also look at how innovative firms use marketing automation, CRMs, and content marketing to generate leads and close deals from their websites.

  • (00:51) - Earn Free CPE credit
  • (01:28) - David Toth joins the show to talk about marketing for accounting firms
  • (04:49) - How marketing fits into accounting firm's strategic growth
  • (06:58) - What has changed in digital marketing over the last few years?
  • (09:28) - How can a firm move from the old model to the new one?
  • (11:45) - What are successful firms doing differently?
  • (13:31) - Who is using HubSpot?
  • (22:12) - Introhive and other data scraping tools
  • (24:59) - What's the best practice for setting up these teams for success?
  • (34:08) - What's your favorite digital marketing activity?
  • (36:27) - Using LinkedIn correctly
  • (38:59) - Have you seen any top 400 firms leveraging short form video content for social media?
  • (43:24) - Having a plan and making priorities
  • (47:24) - How do you see AI changing accounting marketing?
  • (50:14) - Wrap up and where to reach David

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David Toth
David Toth
Chief Growth Officer @ Winding River Consulting | 20 under 40 CPA Practice Advisor - 2023 | Made in Cleveland | Dad | Entrepreneur
Accounting Firm Marketing In The Era of Generative AI
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