Jody Grunden's $10 Million Secret: Weekly Client Meetings

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Jody Grunden, the founder of Summit CPA Group, was a trailblazer in establishing one of the first CPA firms specializing in virtual CFO services. They recently achieved an impressive $10 million in revenue. What propelled Jody's success? The key lies in his commitment to regular client meetings. In this enlightening discussion, Jody unveils his strategy of revolutionizing client relationships by transitioning from traditional monthly engagements to weekly touchpoints. Tune in now to unlock the potential of this simple yet transformative shift, enabling you to enhance your advisory services and propel your firm's growth to new heights.

  • (00:00) - Welcome To The Earmark Podcast
  • (01:25) - What inspired Jody to start his firm, and how did he start doing CFO work and not just compliance?
  • (06:11) - Jody wanted to find what his firm could change from the traditional model
  • (13:10) - Automatically charging clients for your services
  • (20:01) - What do you do for a typical client?
  • (32:03) - The importance of having a dynamic forecast
  • (35:15) - Where did you learn to do this driver based modeling?
  • (37:05) - How do you staff these engagements?
  • (42:58) - Only do tax returns for clients you do the books for
  • (44:12) - How did you get into doing remote work?
  • (51:13) - Jody has always invested in marketing and now content
  • (55:03) - What made you choose Anders over other firm merger possibilities?
  • (58:13) - Jody's 5 requirements for selling or merging his firm
  • (01:06:10) - Wrap up and where people can learn about Summit and find Jody online

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Jody Grunden, CPA
Jody Grunden, CPA
Hey there, I'm Jody Grunden, a Co-Founder of Summit CPA Group (Summit), which merged with Anders CPAs + Advisors (Anders) in 2022. Now, I serve as a Partner at Anders and Head of Summit Virtual CFO Services.
Jody Grunden's $10 Million Secret: Weekly Client Meetings
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