How Logan Graf Built a Dream Firm in Three Years

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Rising CPA star Logan Graf joins Blake to discuss his success in growing a profitable firm in just three years. Logan shares his unique transparent approach, how he rapidly increases his pricing year over year, and how he structures productized service packages to maximize profits. Blake and Logan talk about automating the client onboarding process, and key strategies around requiring upfront payments. This eye-opening episode is full of actionable advice to help CPAs accelerate firm growth and build their dream practice.

  • (07:40) - How Logan spends his time making content
  • (10:41) - What type of services do you offer at your firm?
  • (17:12) - How do you reevaluate pricing and implement higher pricing?
  • (26:25) - Do you have any tips to raise prices without making clients angry?
  • (29:48) - Getting clients to pay you upfront
  • (35:55) - Have you started sending out proposals for next year yet?
  • (49:03) - Tell me about your package offerings on your website
  • (55:29) - How do you track projects and thoughts on practice management software?
  • (01:03:14) - Blake demonstrates the ChatGPT CapCut integration
  • (01:08:30) - Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe
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Creators and Guests

Logan Graf
Logan Graf
Logan Graf is a CPA firm owner in Austin, TX. While Logan is running his firm, he also creates content on YouTube to help inspire the next generation of accountants.
How Logan Graf Built a Dream Firm in Three Years
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