The Young CPA Perspective on the Talent Shortage

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Blake is joined by two "Young" CPAs, Hannah Hood, and Joey Kinney, both virtual CFOs with Summit Virtual CFO by Anders. Among the topics of discussion are challenges for young accountants including low starting salaries, lack of flexibility and career path at traditional firms, the value of remote work, and the need for more women leaders and work-life balance in the accounting industry. Hannah and Joey also promote changing the accounting profession to be more adaptable and inclusive.

  • (00:49) - Welcome Hannah and Joey to the show
  • (04:47) - Where are Hannah and Joey located?
  • (07:12) - Hannah, what is it like being a virtual CFO?
  • (09:16) - What kind of clients do you work with?
  • (10:04) - Joey what is different about your job and clients?
  • (13:30) - How did you learn to do forecasting
  • (16:05) - Are accountants leaving the profession because of boredom?
  • (19:49) - Joey can you tell us about how you set your own schedule with hours
  • (22:14) - How is your pay determined?
  • (29:46) - Summit allows you to work fully remote
  • (33:43) - What do you think holds back most firms from making these types of shifts?
  • (41:15) - How do we get higher starting salaries in accounting?
  • (42:16) - How Hannah and Joey each got their 30 extra semester hours for CPA licensure
  • (49:10) - Is the old promise of the accounting dream gone?
  • (55:54) - What's one thing you would change about the accounting profession if you could change anything?
  • (01:01:28) - Wrap up and how to listen to The Young CPA Success Show
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Hannah Hood
Hannah Hood
Virtual CFO, Summit Virtual CFO by Anders
Joey Kinney, CPA
Joey Kinney, CPA
Experienced Accounting Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial real estate and construction industries. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Accounting, General Ledger, Public Speaking, and Internal Controls. Strong accounting professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Accounting and Finance from Kansas State University.
The Young CPA Perspective on the Talent Shortage
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