Solving Accounts Payable Pain Points with MakersHub

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Phong Ngo and Charley Howe join Blake to discuss how their accounts payable automation software is helping small and mid-sized manufacturers, construction companies, and other businesses capture detailed invoice data to enable precise job costing and reporting without expensive ERP implementations. Learn how starting with solving the accounts payable data entry pain point allows them to streamline workflows while accounting firms and their clients gain efficiency. They also highlight the benefits of the MakersHub partner program for accountants.

  • (00:00) - Solving Accounts Payable Pain Points with MakersHub
  • (00:53) - Welcome Charley and Phong from MakersHub to the show
  • (01:14) - What makes MakersHub different from other AP solutions?
  • (05:16) - The power of MakersHub's proprietary technology
  • (06:18) - Phong's journey from engineering to business
  • (09:14) - The limitations of solutions already on the market
  • (12:13) - The vision for MakersHub
  • (14:58) - Charley's journey from banking to startups
  • (20:13) - The evolution of MakersHub
  • (26:36) - Solving at the build level first
  • (34:29) - Which accountants and bookkeepers is MakersHub For?
  • (38:54) - Creating a product that creates value for accounting firms
  • (44:21) - How does an accountant or firm get started with MakersHub?
  • (46:49) - Thanks for listening and please reach out to learn more
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Creators and Guests

Charley Howe
Charley Howe
Charley has 18 years of Wall Street experience in fixed-income structured products and venture capital. He spent more than a decade advising and transacting with the world’s most sophisticated mortgage-backed security, commercial real estate, and consumer lending investors. Charley then co-led fintech investing at Citi Ventures focused on early & growth-stage startups in payments, lending, and capital markets.
Phong Ngo
Phong Ngo
Phong was previously President of General Plasma - a leading supplier of nanotechnology equipment and industrial automation solutions. General Plasma engineered and manufactured $100M in R&D and production equipment globally for OEMs in solar, automotive, display, and semiconductors. Phong has a gold medal in physics and two US patents. Phong completed his Wharton MBA as a Palmer Scholar. Charles and Phong in fact met while at Wharton in the MBA program.
Solving Accounts Payable Pain Points with MakersHub
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