How AI is Transforming and Disrupting Audit

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Rob Valdez joins Blake to discuss how artificial intelligence and generative chatbots like ChatGPT could automate routine audit tasks. They also explore the potential to train staff more effectively, save significant time on substantive testing, draft higher quality work, and some challenges around adopting these tools, such as security fears, poor system integration, and partners resistant to change.

  • (00:53) - Rob Valdez Joins the Show to Talk About AI
  • (02:27) - What Does Rob Do and What Is His Background?
  • (03:35) - State of Artificial Intelligence in Audit
  • (05:21) - Exploring the Use of AI Chatbots
  • (08:55) - Potential of AI in Drafting Financial Statements
  • (12:16) - The Future of AI with Audit
  • (23:41) - Implications of AI on Audit Staff Roles
  • (29:14) - The Power of Automation and Teamwork
  • (31:00) - Challenges in Adopting AI in Firms
  • (33:36) - The Inefficiencies of Current Data Management
  • (35:53) - The Need for Integrated Systems
  • (39:40) - What Will Motivate Aduit Firms To Adapt?
  • (49:04) - The Possibility of Private Equity Getting Involved
  • (53:30) - The Importance of Self-Disruption
  • (54:59) - Thanks For Listening and How To Reach Rob
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Rob Valdez, CPA
Rob Valdez, CPA
Rob is a Florida CPA specialized in helping businesses build value and manage risk with technology. He currently works for the innovation team of a top-40 CPA firm as a product owner and director of business intelligence. A Past President of ISACA South Florida, Rob is a motivated advocate for building trust in technology. He is an adjunct professor with Florida Atlantic University, and he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TechRepublic, and the South Florida Business Journal.
How AI is Transforming and Disrupting Audit
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