Hollywood Accounting: A CPA's Journey Into Entertainment

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Blake’s conversation with Kendale King, CPA, gives an insider’s view into the intriguing world of entertainment finance. Kendale shares his transition from Big Four auditor to accounting for multi-million dollar studio deals. You’ll see a new side of accounting blending creativity with business strategy. Gain insight into entertainment studios’ complex “Hollywood Accounting” practices around profit participation and residuals. Understand Kendale’s integral role as crypto assets shape future accounting standards. Appreciate his vision to directly integrate CPA abilities into AI applications. If you want to hear an unconventional accounting journey and glimpse the opportunities for accountants to impact media and emerging technologies, join us for Kendale’s exclusive look behind the scenes.

  • (00:45) - Welcome Kendale to the Show
  • (01:53) - Favorite Gigs and the Impact of DreamCon
  • (06:26) - The Transition from Deloitte to the Entertainment Industry
  • (08:33) - Making the Leap to LA: From Audit to Entertainment Accounting
  • (14:14) - Deep Dive into Entertainment Accounting with Netflix
  • (16:29) - Understanding the Complexities of Content Accounting
  • (22:37) - Why do Studios Shelve Finished Films?
  • (26:51) - The Intricacies of Hollywood Accounting Explained
  • (34:40) - The Evolution of Kendale's Own Firm: KCK
  • (40:16) - The Pricing Puzzle: How KCK CPA Approaches Client Engagements
  • (43:13) - How Can Accountants Learn the Entertainment Business?
  • (46:40) - How Did Kendale Get into the Crypto Space?
  • (49:27) - How Did You Get Invovled with FASB?
  • (55:50) - Exploring AI in Accounting: The Future is Now
  • (57:53) - Where to Reach Kendale
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Kendale King, CPA
Kendale King, CPA
As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) specializing in the entertainment industry, I bring a unique blend of financial management, strategic planning, and advisory services to actors, musicians, content creators, writers, gamers, and others in the creative field. My expertise also extends into the dynamic world of digital assets & blockchain technology, offering cutting-edge financial strategies that embrace digital finance innovations.
Hollywood Accounting: A CPA's Journey Into Entertainment
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