How Expat Clients Can Legally Slash Their Tax Bill

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Do you have clients living or working abroad who could save big on their taxes? In this episode, expat tax specialist Vincenzo Villamena outlines creative strategies US citizens overseas can use to legally reduce their tax burden. Learn how your expat clients can exclude $120,000 in foreign earned income, set up offshore corporate structures to cut their tax rate in half, eliminate 15% self-employment tax, and more.

  • (00:50) - Welcome Vincenzo to the Show
  • (01:50) - Exploring Expat Taxation with Vincenzo Villamena
  • (03:27) - Vincenzo's Journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship Outside of the US
  • (09:53) - The Remote Work Revolution and Its Impact
  • (12:36) - Navigating the Complex World of Expat Taxes
  • (13:00) - Where are Most of Your Clients?
  • (15:05) - Strategies for Expats to Optimize Taxes
  • (24:10) - Understanding Corporate Structures and Tax Deferral
  • (24:20) - The Good, the Bad, and the Planning of Tax Strategies
  • (28:18) - What Work Do We Have to Do to Get These Benefits?
  • (30:23) - Comprehensive Service Offerings: From Setup to Compliance
  • (31:57) - How Do You Charge For Your Services?
  • (33:12) - The Exponential Savings of Offshore Structuring
  • (35:36) - Exploring the Vibrant Culture of Carnival in Brazil
  • (37:22) - Building a Strong Remote Team Culture
  • (41:57) - Leveraging Technology for Remote Collaboration
  • (45:04) - A Day in the Life of an Expat Entrepreneur
  • (50:38) - The Transformative Experience of Living Abroad
  • (53:23) - Wrapping Up: Insights from an Expat Tax Expert
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Creators and Guests

Vincenzo Villamena, CPA
Vincenzo Villamena, CPA
Vincenzo is the founder and CEO of Online Taxman. He has extensive experience in both tax preparation and advising clients in accounting and financial transactions. He specializes in offshore structuring for US entrepreneurs abroad and US real estate transactions by foreign nationals and funds.
How Expat Clients Can Legally Slash Their Tax Bill
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