Making Audit Matter Again: The Future of Assurance

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Audit is at a crossroads. Commoditization and compliance mentalities have diminished its value. Now, auditors face an existential crisis. How can assurance stay relevant? Join Alan Anderson and Blake Oliver as they tackle pressing questions on audit's failure to innovate and chart a new direction focused on value-added assurance. You’ll get a dynamic diagnosis of threats plus practical ideas to transform the profession before external forces make change urgent. Discover what’s at stake if audit no longer matters and how leadership today can write a better tomorrow.

(This episode originally aired on February 28, 2024 on Earmark Webinars+)

  • (00:00) - EAP 66
  • (01:57) - The Crossroads of Auditing: Challenges and Innovations
  • (03:21) - Embracing Technology: The Future of Efficient Auditing
  • (06:26) - Redefining the Audit Process: Closing the Expectation Gap
  • (15:24) - Understanding Business Through Audits: The Value of Insight
  • (27:38) - The Commoditization of Audits: A Call for Change
  • (31:41) - Exploring the Flexibility in Auditing Standards
  • (32:19) - The Shift Towards a More Rules-Based Approach
  • (32:55) - The Impact of Standardized Methodologies on Auditing
  • (33:48) - Revitalizing Auditing: Injecting Fun and Quality
  • (36:16) - Addressing the Pipeline Issue: Making Auditing Appealing
  • (41:04) - The Importance of Planning in Auditing
  • (46:19) - Challenging the Billable Hours Model
  • (50:53) - Leveraging Technology to Transform Auditing
  • (52:38) - Concluding Remarks and Resources
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Creators and Guests

Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson
Alan is the author of "Transforming Audit for the Future: The Five Essential Attributes of Audit Leadership." He is the founder and president of ACCOUNTability Plus, LLC, a global accounting and assurance advancement leader based in Burnsville, Minn.
Making Audit Matter Again: The Future of Assurance
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