Navigating the Identity Crisis in the CPA Profession

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The CPA profession faces an identity crisis, with challenges in the candidate pipeline, non-attest services' role, and CPE's effectiveness. This webinar explores the impact of the fifth-year requirement, the value of consulting services, the need for engaging CPE, and the use of the CPA designation in non-traditional roles. Join our expert panel as we discuss solutions to navigate the profession's challenges and opportunities and redefine the CPA identity in an ever-changing landscape.

(This episode originally aired on April 9, 2024 on Earmark Webinars+)

  • (01:11) - Exploring the CPA Identity Crisis
  • (03:11) - Challenges in the CPA Profession: Enrollment Decline and Talent Shortage
  • (05:20) - Rethinking Education and Work Experience in Accounting
  • (08:17) - The Future of Accounting: Automation, Advisory Services, and the CPA Role
  • (10:02) - The Split Between Audit and Advisory Services in Accounting Firms
  • (12:23) - Addressing the Pipeline Problem and Work Culture in Accounting Firms
  • (29:52) - Reimagining the CPA Profession and Certification
  • (32:36) - Exploring the Work-Life Balance in Accounting
  • (33:20) - Engaging with Live Stream Viewers and Discussing Regulatory Solutions
  • (33:41) - The Debate on Auditor Work Hours and Firm Practices
  • (34:39) - CBIZ's Unique Position in the Professional Services Industry
  • (35:47) - The Role of Regulators and Proposals for Reform
  • (36:54) - The Case for Government-Run Audits
  • (37:31) - Rethinking Overtime and Compensation in Accounting
  • (51:41) - Addressing the CPA Identity Crisis and Recommendations
  • (57:48) - Concluding Remarks and Future Directions
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David  Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA

Steven Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC

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Creators and Guests

David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA
David Bergstein, CPA, CITP, CGMA
David is a seasoned innovator in the accounting software industry, is a digital evangelist and a catalyst for change. David extends his reach as a blogger, podcaster, author, teacher, and international speaker, making his mark on various platforms to share his insights and expertise on the future of accounting.
Steven Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC
Steven Sacks, CPA, CGMA, ABC
Steven serves professional service firms, not-for-profit membership associations and educational institutes through research and issues management, organizational strategy and governance. He is the author of the book The New Fundamentals: Practical Guidance for Today’s Accounting Firms, published in 2020.
Navigating the Identity Crisis in the CPA Profession
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