The 5 Apps You Need In Your Accounting Firm

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In an era where the right software can make or break your accounting firm, choosing the right apps is essential. In this webinar, Blake Oliver, CPA, draws on his experience as a firm founder to guide you through the essential software that will streamline your operations, upgrade your client experience, and drive future growth. This session is designed to cut through the clutter of the ever-expanding app marketplace, providing you with a curated list of applications indispensable for modern accounting practices. Join us to discover how these apps can streamline your workflows, enhance your service delivery, and set your firm on a path to success.

(Originally recorded on March 6, 2024, on Earmark Webinars+)

  • (00:00) - The 5 Apps You Need In Your Accounting Firm sequence
  • (01:55) - Why Choosing the Right Software Matters
  • (05:27) - Diving Deep into Proposal Management Software
  • (14:08) - Workflow Apps: The Backbone of Firm Operations
  • (29:08) - Exploring General Ledger Applications
  • (31:07) - Optimizing Accounting Systems with FreshBooks and Xero
  • (31:33) - Designing Your App Stack for Efficient Accounting
  • (32:30) - Choosing the Right General Ledger Systems for Your Clients
  • (33:02) - Streamlining Client Onboarding with a Standardized Tech Stack
  • (34:28) - The Importance of Payroll Apps in Accounting Firms
  • (35:04) - Exploring the Best Payroll Software Options
  • (39:34) - Bill Pay Apps: Enhancing Client Services
  • (43:39) - Integrating AI and ChatGPT into Your Accounting Firm
  • (45:14) - Best Practices for App Integration and Tech Adoption
  • (56:04) - Concluding Remarks and Next Steps for Your Firm
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The 5 Apps You Need In Your Accounting Firm
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