How to Sell Your Accounting Firm

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Thinking of selling your practice? Join us as serial acquirer Michael Ly shares an insider’s guide to preparing, pricing & selling your accounting firm. Learn how to value your firm for maximum sale price, find the right buyer, negotiate win-wins, protect clients through transition, and structure creative deals - whether nearing retirement or just exploring options. Get practical tips from an active buyer on ensuring a smooth exit on your terms.

(Originally recorded on March 26, 2024, on Earmark Webinars+)

  • (01:34) - The Evolution of Reconciled: A Modern Accounting Firm
  • (03:48) - Insights on Buying and Selling Accounting Firms
  • (04:19) - Determining the Right Time to Sell Your Accounting Firm
  • (09:44) - Maximizing Your Firm's Value Before Selling
  • (16:53) - Adopting Modern Technology and Billing Models
  • (23:04) - Understanding Firm Valuation and Buyer Insights
  • (28:32) - Strategies for Enhancing Firm Valuation
  • (30:24) - Evaluating Potential Buyers: What to Look For
  • (32:11) - Client Retention and Revenue Strategies Post-Acquisition
  • (36:32) - Valuation Insights: Navigating Firm Sales
  • (41:19) - Optimizing Earn-Out Structures for Sellers
  • (43:44) - Non-Compete Agreements: Protecting Your Business Post-Sale
  • (46:11) - Common Mistakes Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them
  • (50:20) - Tax Optimization Strategies for Selling Your Firm
  • (54:03) - The Future of Accounting M&A Market
  • (56:33) - Closing Remarks and Resources for CPE
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Michael Ly
Michael Ly
Accounting & Fintech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder @punchpay_ & Founder @getreconciled
How to Sell Your Accounting Firm
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