Building a Modern CPA Firm: A Revolutionary Approach with Alan Whitman

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Kick-start a new era in accountancy with Alan Whitman, the former CEO of Baker Tilly US. Using his invaluable experience as a CEO for nearly 8 years, Alan will share novel insights on transforming traditional CPA firms into modern, sustainable, and innovative powerhouses. This session delves into people development, strategic growth, service models, and methods for breaking from long-standing conventions that hinder progression. It's time to BREAK THE MOLD (TM) and lead the transition toward the future of professional services and the CPA industry. If that's your ambition, this session was designed with you in mind.

(Originally recorded on May 8, 2024, on Earmark Webinars+)

  • (01:48) - Alan Whitman's Journey to CEO
  • (03:32) - Breaking the Mold in CPA Firms
  • (07:06) - Challenges of Traditional Models
  • (16:48) - Ethics and Systemic Issues in Accounting
  • (18:37) - Advising Firms on New Business Models
  • (25:46) - Developing and Retaining Talent
  • (29:33) - Navigating the Future of Advisory Firms
  • (32:44) - Transforming the Practice: Multidisciplinary Approach
  • (34:22) - Building Businesses Within a Business
  • (37:40) - Journey to CEO: Building International
  • (40:41) - Rebranding and Global Expansion
  • (42:00) - The Importance of Branding in Professional Services
  • (42:55) - Recruitment and Retention Challenges
  • (46:52) - Education and Training in Accounting
  • (50:29) - The Future of the Accounting Profession
  • (01:00:50) - Final Thoughts and Advice for Firm Owners
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Alan Whitman
Alan Whitman
Alan Whitman is a seasoned executive known for his ability to inspire and navigate people around bold ideas and uncomfortable change. After his nearly decade-long tenure as CEO of Baker Tilly US, Alan now operates an advisory business where he shares his experience to help CEOs and their key stakeholders BREAK THE MOLD™ of long-time operating principles and conventions.
Building a Modern CPA Firm: A Revolutionary Approach with Alan Whitman
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