The Future of QuickBooks

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(Originally recorded on February 15, 2024 on Earmark Webinars+)

Hector and Blake recount a brief history of QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online through the end of 2023, the state of Intuit’s current offers and posturing in the market, and where they think QuickBooks is moving into for 2024 and beyond.

  • (01:11) - Hector's Journey: From Tax Practice to Tech Innovator
  • (03:16) - A Deep Dive into QuickBooks' Evolution
  • (07:12) - The Shift to QuickBooks Online and Its Ecosystem
  • (11:41) - Predicting the Future: QuickBooks Desktop's Demise
  • (12:08) - QuickBooks Online: Aiming for Total Workflow Control
  • (14:03) - The Role of AI in Shaping QuickBooks' Future
  • (16:08) - Intuit's Strategy: Moving Beyond Desktop Versions
  • (25:21) - The Controversy Around QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping and Tax Services
  • (30:15) - The Impact of QuickBooks on Accounting Professionals
  • (31:16) - QuickBooks' Strategy for Tax Services
  • (33:07) - The Evolution of QuickBooks Live and Assisted Services
  • (35:14) - The Challenges of Running a Service Business vs. Software Company
  • (37:22) - Intuit's Strategic Shift Towards Assisted Services
  • (42:08) - The Future of Accounting: AI and Automation
  • (48:02) - Listener Questions and Insights on QuickBooks Features
  • (54:37) - Exploring TurboTax Verified Pro and Its Implications
  • (57:08) - Closing Remarks and Resources
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Hector Garcia, CPA
Hector Garcia, CPA
Hector M. Garcia is a CPA and QuickBooks Trainer for Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting LLC. He has over 10 years of experience working with small business finance and accounting, along with 3 Post-graduate degrees from Florida International University (FIU) in Accounting, Finance and Taxation.
The Future of QuickBooks
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